domingo, 24 de agosto de 2014

Excellent news

Hi guys, I have excellent news, first i've fixed the rigt kanji in the logo and it's look better.

the main idea of the game is let the players choose their own way to play, it doesn't ,matter if they want to kill everyone or use forbiden jutsus or if the just want to learn sage techniques, my goal is to make you enjoy the game.

Also I have the first video of the movement system of the game here is a fast preview:

and here the detailed explanation:

jueves, 14 de agosto de 2014


Hello, today i was working with trees and some coding for them, i had some models already done so i decided to code them, i have to fix a lot of things but i'll be doing that easily :D

miércoles, 13 de agosto de 2014

i have to finish the basic jutsu system, make it more stable, but i just wanted to show you the swords, these are 3 different kind of sword:
 heavy, light and knifes you will be able to use a kunai in the last one.
those are only for develop i hope to do the weapon system well i'm working with the animations i haven't coded anything jeje but i like the way it looks.
see you.

well as i told you i was going to upload a video and i did now i'll explain to you, some thinks that maybe looks weird but first the game explanation:
the movement its like third person  mouse with four directional buttons, there is a modifier button (Shift) that works on movement to make the player runs faster, the jump button is the spacebar and you can modify the jump direction with the directional keys, you can jump twice in the air, the water system is W.I.P too, you can keep over the water when you press the modifier but if you jump and release the modifier you will fall inside the water, there is also a tree movement special system wich is performed by pointing a tree with the modifier held down and jump and the player will jump
directly to the tree and while the player is going if you keep the modifier and point to another three when the player hit the floor will automaticaly jump to the last one pointed.
the combat system is very basic with the left mouse button and you can perform combos in the air or grounded, also if you keep the left mouse pressed the player will start charging an attack
(will be shown in the next video) 
the jutsus systems is easy to use, you'll have a fast button jutsu(right mouse) where the jutsu store can be performed without hand signs, you have 10 jutsu slots that are shown by pressing TAB then if you click one of them the player will perfom the hand signs but no trhow them, to trow you just press the buttons from 1 to 10 ex button 1 creates the first slot jutsu number 2... etc...
if a jutsu has a special ability like separation(triple firebal) or chasing player(water dragon), you can activate them after creating it and after that pressing the modifier(Shitft) + right mouse, that will be shown in the next video.
there are many other surprises but they'll be shown the next updates but some features of the games are:
-jutsus combination (working)
-team jutsus combination()
-weapon + jutus combination(Working)
-cheat weapons()
Hi, guys (again) im pleased to show u some jutsu mesh that are already made, i use blender as my 3d program and gimp for texture :D i hope you like them

martes, 12 de agosto de 2014

Hi again, now i'm working on jutsus i have some jutsus alaready done but i still working on most of them, but i'll stop because i have most of the basic done and i'll start with some new functions, i'll post a video about the justus ASAP, i haven't worked on graphical stuff like particles or GUI, now i'm just focused in the gameplay, the basic GFX are for the first jutsus, the followings jutsus are available(beside of the ones shown in the pic)

  • Firebal
  • Triple fireball
  • dragon fire
  • water dragon
  • water misile
  • wind tornado
  • rock wall
  • rock bullets
Those aren't the names, it's just to give you ideas, well see you guys.

Shinobi paths said hello world

Hi everyone, my name is andys, i'm from Dominican Republic, now I'm working on a personal project inspired in my favorite anime of all time, Naruto, the game is called Shinobi paths and it's being developed in unity 3d, so i've decided to make it public to let you know my advances and i hope to release the first beta soon. for now this is a screen of the game.